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Should I play security roulette or should I not? If

you fail to take steps to protect your identify, your

data, etc., you are playing a game of chance with

your information. Face it-- the odds are not in

your favor!

Try your hand with these fun, but useful, security


Protect your village from Vikings

with a strong password wall!

Tad wants to keep his gossipy classmates from

sharing his personal information. Help him clean

up his profile. Put everything into the privacy

vault and become a

Privacy Guru


Cyberbully zombies are attacking NSHigh! Don’t

let them get inside or they will send you mean

IMs, post embarrassing pictures of you, try to

steal your identity…and eat your brains!


< Plunder


Source: <



< Zombies >

Now visit the Security Tools page, located in this

issue, to test your security risk factor.