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The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

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December 6, 2017 - It's that time of year again....it's time for the annual Alpha Phi Holiday Party at TJ Wings in Valley Park / Ballwin, MO.  http://tjwings.com

The party (as always) is the first Wednesday in December, which is December 6th this year.  I am sure all of you also recall this date is also the FOUNDING DATE OF OUR CHAPTER in 1952!  Let's get together to celebrate! Around six years ago we joined forces with the alums from the 70s and 80s who have been having a holiday party on the first Wed. of December for many, many years.  

The room for our party is actually next door to to TJ Wings at The Gathering Place (also owned by Bob Biggs '72).  Party starts at 6:00 pm and ALL Alpha Phi alums are invited. Please spread the word to alums not on this email dist. list.  The alumni association will be providing some apps.

SEMO Sig Tau Alumni GoFundMe, Billy Krehmeier

For anyone who knows Billy, or for that matter, ever met him, knows he is the nicest most selfless person. He lives his life with the sole intention of making others happy by any means necessary. The positive spirit that Billy has is hard to miss. He’s the person who always lets you pick the movie, plays your favorite song, takes the smaller slice, or splits the last beer with you. This is how he lives his life each and every day no matter how he is feeling. Billy loves making people smile, this is what he lives for.

Right now Billy is paralyzed from the neck down, with current prognosis of never being able to move again. That being said, through the power of prayer and hope, we're not giving up. There's stem cell research, intense rehabilitation, and clinical trials that can all improve his chances of mobility, some of which are very time sensitive. Any sort of treatments to that extent cost a small fortune, and we don't want money to be a reason why Billy can't try any procedures to improve his condition.

All money raised will be given to the Krehmeiers to assist them with Billy’s treatment. We sincerely thank you for every dollar you are able to give. Every little bit helps and we're immensely grateful. I've never met a closer family than the Krehmeiers, or a group of friends that care so much about each other. His support system is full of high spirits and hope, and that is exactly what Billy, his parents Scott and Deb, and his brother Emmett need right now.

Sig Tau From Southeast Missouri State Starts GoFundMe To Send Girl With Autism To Cardinals Game


Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to send out a brief update on how the chapter is doing. We finished the semester with a new associate member class of 16 members. I’m very happy with the young men we recruited and I’m very anxious to start the semester with some fresh new ideas. I recently got the grades and I’m proud of how they turned out we had several 3.0 and 3.5 grade point averages. Southeast recently raised the Dean’s list from a 3.5 to a 3.75. A big congratulations to Stephen Ernst who had a 3.8 and Terrence Loviska who finished with an impressive 4.0.

Polar Plunge for Special Olympics is coming up in February so the Exec board is slowly preparing for the plunge! Pictures will be included in the next briefing I promise! Another exciting fundraiser we will be working on is partnered with Ryan’s. We will be selling buffet tickets to raise money for Special Olympics, I’m very excited about it and I believe we can get this to be pretty big.

I recently came back from the Webb academy where they allowed myself, and fellow exec board member Linc Stoll to attend some leadership workshops. It was a blast hearing from the other chapters from all across the United States. Sigma Tau Gamma is up to about 71 chapters and continues to grow! They also left us with a parting gift that I thought was impressive to say the least. Pictures included below are national president Alyx Parker and I as he hands me a brand new president’s gavel. As always if there are any questions ask me at anytime!

Best wishes,

Kale Wehmeyer

RUSH 2017

For more RUSH info contact

Linc Stoll

2017 Exec. Board

President - Kale Wehmeyer

Executive V.P. - Dylan Hellman

VP of Membership - Jacob Roe

VP of Programs - Trenton Gremaud

VP of Finance - Tim Schumer

VP of Recruitment - Linc Stoll

Alumni Advisor

Tom Roy

Phone Number: (573)450.0297 sigtau52@gmail.com

Alumni Association

Executive Committee

Wayne Dunker, President

Trent Sauer, Vice President

Chad Kreutz, Treasurer