Celebrating 67 Years of Brotherhood.

The FIRST fraternity on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.


Deadline is March 1st

This scholarship is given out each school year and is an award of approximately $800.  The criteria for this scholarship states "Recipients must be active member(s) of Sigma Tau Gamma at Southeast Missouri State University.  Members of the fraternity will nominate three members based on criteria established by the chapter.  University Scholarship Committee will make the final selection of the recipient."  Deadline to turn in the three nominated members is March 1st.

Previous Winners of the Scholarship

Aaron Miesner 2003-2004 (1st year) ($600)

Matt Uchtman 2003-2004 (1st year) ($600)

Aaron Whitworth 2004-2005 ($600)

David Blessing 2008-2009 ($800)

Geoffrey Ogden 2009-2010 ($800)

Josh Argast 2010-2011 ($800)

Jordan Drury 2012-2013 ($800)

Brett Simmons 2013-2014 ($800)

Logan Jett    2014-2015 ($800)

Cole Steinbecker 2016-2017 ($800)

Leelan Huck 2019-2020 ($1000)

Please Contact Alumni Advisor Tom Roy (573)450.0297 for additional information on where and how to apply.

The University Scholarship Committee starts meeting mid-March through the end of April making final selections for scholarships. 

This scholarship was made possible from Sigma Tau Gamma - Alpha Phi Chapter Alumni donations and hard work from many of our Alumni from the 1950's and 1960's, including the "Alpha Phi Alumni Foundation Trust".

Sigma Tau Gamma

Cape Girardeau, MO